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Score Quick Start Business Plan Review

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Score.org is a site overflowing with information that may be of use to new businesses or people who are looking to start up a business. You’ll find all sorts of information on this site, although you’ll probably have to spend some time and effort looking for one thing in particular. As such it makes a good resource for all business people, although organising the site a little better would really help.

Unlike the other sites we’ve reviewed, Score doesn’t really offer software or writing services for producing business plans. However, it does provide you with a vast number of articles and workshops to help train you up. In some ways this is much more beneficial because it means that you’ll no longer need to rely on business writing services or software packages. However, training takes time and effort, so it’s not a short term solution.

If you feel comfortable in many areas of business planning already then you can find templates that will allow you to structure your plan effectively. These have been uploaded by generous site members, and if you get to a stage where you feel confident with your own expertise then you can upload files of your own for newbie entrepreneurs to learn from your experiences. Taking this a step further, Score.org also allows its users to locate local business mentors. These people are volunteers who want to give something back and assist you with starting up your own company through the benefit of their knowledge of business. Additionally, you can also attend workshops in your area, or locate online workshops by industry specialists.

Once you’ve used the site to develop a business plan, source funding and have things in motion you might also be interested in looking to expand or develop your business further. Yet again, Score.org has plenty of information on all of the important things you ought to take into account when considering things such as going into franchising or sourcing additional finances.

Although there’s so much information on this site, it can be easy to get lost, or just to find yourself browsing aimlessly around. The search feature is insufficient to help you find exactly what you’re looking for in most instances, and this really could use a revamp. As well as this, you won’t find a lot of useful features that will actually make business plan writing easier, rather there is a lot of information and advice to go through. In some respects there is too much information and it’s hard to know what you should follow. However, too much information is definitely more beneficial than not having enough, and this site ought to be a great resource for anyone looking to go into business. Subsequently we would recommend using Score as a resource, but if you want help in producing a business plan then you’ll probably want to look elsewhere. We’ve plenty of recommendations so take a look, but do keep this site in mind if you’re interested in gaining the insight of experts free of charge.

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