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iPlanner.net offers 3 package options for helping you create business plans and to support you in developing your business ideas. Its greatest asset is its flexibility, as each service is tailored to your particular needs. Its system allows you to adapt templates to your needs and then to share them.

iPlanner.com provides a Professional package, which allows you to start up a new project with unlimited members, and is suitable for start-ups and small business owners who wish to develop their business and financial plans. The Corporate package is more suited towards serial entrepreneurs, business coaches and mentors as it provides new named workspaces for organisations to manage projects with unlimited members. Finally its Corporate Plus option  provides a similar service as the corporate package with special functions such as action planning, financial analysis, balanced scorecards, review meetings and more. This service is intended for business incubators and innovation centres, or large establishments such as universities. Since there are a number of options to choose from (primarily how many projects you want to run and how long they will run for), prices can vary. Generally though we found the prices to be quite low, and even if you want to run several projects for extended periods it won’t cost you the earth.

The site also offers help in finding a business loan through its funding platform, which could be of use if you’re still hoping to find financial investments. It also provides some useful information in a series of guides, which cover issues ranging from “should an entrepreneur waste time with SMART goals” to “how to name a business”. There are a few dozen of these articles, although they’re not in any way organised so finding particular information isn’t always easy. In fact the site really does lack an FAQ section and you’ll find yourself hunting around for particulars which should have been easy to locate.

The site provides business plan templates, but it doesn’t provide the simpler step-by-step system that you will find elsewhere, so if you really are stuck on how to even begin a business plan then this might not be the best system for you. It does, however, offer tailored templates for particular industries, which is good to see as a restaurateur is likely to need a very different style of plan to a construction business! The software that is available allows you to build business and financial plans collaboratively. You can invite any number of users to work on the plan, assign roles and privileges to each user, delegate sections to individuals and track progress remotely. Since this is all on a cloud server you can each work from your own computer and no information will be lost.

To summarise, iPlanner.net offers a decent service for helping entrepreneurs develop a business plan and manage a team. However, it doesn’t particularly stand out as exceptional or offer any features that set it apart from its competitors. It’s a solid choice, but nothing revolutionary.

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