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Biz Plan Review

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What you’ll first notice about BizPlan’s business plans is that they don’t look run of the mill. They really stand out from the crowd, with bright colours and images, which can be chosen to suit your proposal. These plans can help promote anything from fun catering to more serious business ideas. You can decide on colour schemes, layout and content, making them really quite unique. The software also has a contemporary feel and offers a simple step-by-step system for developing and editing your plan. It mixes pre-determined elements with variables well to offer a professional looking business plan for any user, whether or not they’ve any experience in business planning before they began.

The site offers free trials, although not always. If you do decide to go ahead and pay for BizPlan then you’ll be allowed to collaborate with other users (whom you invite) to edit your business plan. This is a great idea, particularly if you’re going into business with someone else and you’d like their feedback on what you’ve produced. You can also edit any plans easily, meaning that they can be changed quickly if needs be. Links can be made with social networking sites, such as Facebook and Twitter, to help distribute your plan to people who may be interested in investing in your company.  With an online system such as this you may also include files, videos and links, which is a good way to promote any products or ideas that you have.

We were impressed by the layout of the user interface, and how simple it was to manage. A series of tabs allow you to move between editing the plan and utilising other features, such as collaboration tools. As well as this you can also monitor who has been checking out your plan, and how many comments have been left on it. This makes it a real learning tool and might allow you to alter the plan to accommodate the views of the people who have been viewing it. Being able to see who has been viewing your plan also means that you’ll be able to approach them with ideas, as they’re likely interested in what you’re doing.

The site offers a number of additional services, such as logo design or web design, which may be of use to new businesses. Prices are determined based on your precise needs, so you’ll have to make an enquiry for more details, but we are glad to see that these things are taken into account and that you’re not just left hanging out to dry once your business plan is being written. It also allows you to integrate Excel documents so that you can deliver your data as graphs or spreadsheets, which is a useful new addition.

Overall we were glad to see a business plan website that produced eye catching, alternative plans. Whilst some steps could be made in terms of developing the site’s forecasting tools, the end product really does stand out and will hopefully get you, and your business idea, noticed.

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