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OGS Capital has over 13 years business plan writing experience, with highly qualified, professional staff on hand. It is the smart suit and crew cut of the business plan world. On the surface, they might not be the most exciting option, but they have a proven track record of producing high quality business plans that are successful in obtaining financial support.

Members of the team have the experience and education that you’d hope to have with a company such as this. Three members have MBAs from some of the top business schools around, 4 have CFA and 2 have ACCA. They also have over 25 years of experience in management consultancy and financial advice across 42 different industries, so chances are they’ll be a big help. If you take a moment to check out customer feedback, as we have, you’ll also find overwhelmingly positive feedback from past customers, who often mention “professionalism” when talking about OGS Capital staff. So, all’s good there.

What’s less impressive is the amount of information available on the actual plans. It’s hard to get an entirely clear idea of what you’ll receive from them in terms of a final product, and so to some degree you will need to rely on their reputation and success rate. That said, you do get an opportunity to speak with staff, and you can view, review and request edits to your plan before the final version is delivered. As for pricing, this is a mystery as you can only receive a quote once you have submitted your information and budget. However, we anticipate that this won’t be a cheap process as a team of specialists (including a writer, editor, researcher and team leader) work on producing your plan to the highest standards they can.

Turnaround time isn’t massively quick, but then again this isn’t a site that offers run of the mill, quick business plans. They are built to succeed in outlining your proposals and projections. You may wait for around 12 days to receive your plan, but of course business is not to be rushed into fool hardily.

In terms of features, there really aren’t any. This is a simple case of hiring a team, specifying what you need, and receiving a product. You are included along in the journey, but unlike other sites offering business plan services, the vast majority of the work is out of your hands. This comes with its own pros and cons. In one sense you don’t have to worry about the legalities, phrasing and technicalities of producing a business plan, but on the other hand it’s all done for you and you don’t necessarily have a big part to play in how the final product appears. However, given the reputation of OGS Capital, if you want to have a more pivotal role, or simply want to be kept in the process more, this is probably doable.

Overall ogsCapital seem like a safe bet. You’ll get what you pay for, and – given their success to date – you should be happy with the business plan they develop for you.

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